Perfect People look Imperfect
Perfect People look Imperfect
– by Sanju Dabi

Perfection is something that I have realized to be a very much a relative term. What appears as perfect to one person may be less perfect or imperfect to others or vice versa. And it is not common to see people who try to be more perfect actually end up being less successful than those who don’t seek to be so much perfect. This does align with the thought that ‘excess of anything is bad’, so does that mean aim to achieve extreme perfection can really turn out to be something undesirable? Ironical but this is true. Haven’t you heard about scientists who were declared as crazy because they wanted to achieve something that was beyond understanding of other people?

 Higher is the degree of perfection aspired, the efforts required to achieve it increase exponential, say making something 90% perfect would some effort; then achieving the last 10% cannot be accomplished by addition 10% of this effort, infact even if 10 times more the initial effort cannot guarantee 100% perfection. ? 

 As friction cannot be totally eliminated, perfection cannot be completely achieved. However if you want higher perfection you also increase friction with people whom you are working with or with people how are working for you. Does anyone like boss who is questioning too much and trying to understand everything

People generally call such people as crazy, but all they are trying to take all measures to achieve a higher perfection. On other hand a boss who is not much involved and talks on high level and keep people jolly is liked more and is thought to be one who understands more and is more knowledgeable than previous type of boss. Wait! That’s a too quick conclusion, infact the former type of boss is more knowledgeable and latter type is a person who only knows how to manage opportunities available to him and would quickly move out of project when a better opportunity comes to his way giving an excuse that because of his capabilities more challenging work has been allocated to him. Definitely the former type of boss will be capable of achieving a higher degree of perfection, however when it comes to projecting perfection the later type definitely  outshine.

Haven’t you heard form lots of people who complain that they have been working sincerely for long period of time but did not get promoted or appreciated? Why? Because they delivered something that was more perfect and they took more time in doing so.
Another aspect is that those who are not much involved in the activity would normally believe in anything that is presented to them reasonably good manner. People like to here what they can understand and presented in a simple manner and are happy to know that someone else is in full control with capability to deliver something perfect and that there are no associated problems. And it is s a fact that nobody around you would really appreciated the higher degree of perfection you are trying to achieve. – So you need to decide if you want to be called successful or feel perfect to yourself, you cannot be both!

 Thanks Sanju, I totally agreed ! – Xuân Thanh